Shapers Alliance of Ireland

I've been mulling this over for a good while now, an Irish Surfboard Shapers/Manufacturers Alliance would be a great thing for us shapers as a collective in Ireland today, i think we are a strong enough force to make it work. Buying our materials at one source collectively surely would give us some bargaining power. This would help our tiny profit margins increase slightly & would help us stand up to the Chinese & Far Eastern wave of imports that don't just seem to be entry level learner boards & minimals these days, all boards seem to be made there including big name high performance short boards in fact almost every board your seeing in your local surf shops all come from the far east & are coming in to this country for less than we are paying for raw materials alone. Its no wonder the local shops aren't interested in buying local.!
Also we could be getting better deals on transport as we all know its getting to be a bit of a joke even trying to get blanks shipped from the UK these days. It is costing us way over the odds.
The problem might be getting everyone together to talk & make some constructive decisions together.
Maybe a web based discussion would be the way forward as there are many miles between us all. Im keen for something to happen.
Shapers, manufacturers, ding boys, back yarders, part timers, dabblers & triers  drop me a line if you are at all interested & would like to get involved at this early stage at what ever level, im hoping you all will come aboard, we are all equals in this equation & it has to be worth a go so we can all survive, grow stronger & stay in the game we love.!

Stay creative,


Power Source Surfboards Ireland.... We Don't do surf forecasts!!

Have been surfing around the quiet shores of Bundoran for well over 20 years now, the majority of them was before mobile phones had their grip on us, before magic seaweed, come to think of it before the internet even caught on, all we had to go on was the weather at the end of the news & the good old back page of the irish independant.. How things have changed today, We have the internet littered with forecasts, facebook, phone apps.. you name it, no wonder our spots are getting over crowded, theres no working things out for yourself anymore, its all handed on a plate..local businesses are a major contributor to this, surfshops especially are guilty of inviting people to come surf with the hope of getting some business, problem is these forecasts are updated a few times daily. This is pretty sad to see, freely inviting crowds to come surf, it kind of ruins things for the rest of the local crew who have no commercial interests & now have to surf with hoards of ones travelling to our breaks after being invited by the local surfshop. Maybe im old fashioned maybe over time ive become an old git, but it would be nice to see the back these annoying forecasts, it just aint right.!

The Peak Pumping back in 2001, no-one out.!



Start paying attention to your surfing environment before its too late.

Open your eyes.. So many businesses making money from the ocean & the surf these days..
What are they giving back??

Thanks to Corey for this research.. 
We are trying to do our bit here at Power Source Surfboards.. We are involved in, & are proud sponsors or www.irishsurfersagainstpollution.org


Dusty shots.

Another photographer, Rory, came around the other day to take a few pics, They all ended up being of Rosy sanding as he was the only one working at the time, i was busy drinking tea! Sanding is a critical job, a board can be ruined in a blink, the shape has to be dialled back in with care & attention, while going down through the different grades of paper. Here at Power Source Surfboards we are firm believers in quality over quantity, so nothing is ever rushed, including the sanding process.



5'8" Speedster Quad   19 3/4" x 2 3/8"  
6'0" Munster Skyver Quad   20 1/8" x 2 5/8" 
5'8" Munster Skyver Thruster  19 1/2" x 2 1/2" 



Taking a closer look at your wax..

As a surfer, it is your responsibility to be aware of your impact on the environment. It is every
surfer’s obligation to protect and care for the place that gives us so much enjoyment. After all, without
a healthy ocean ecosystem, surfing would be nonexistent. Everything from driving in search of waves,
wetsuit production (and disposal), surfboard foam and resins, and even wax, have an impact. Surf
wax is the only product in surfing which is truly disposable, yet is required by every surfer, for every
session. The goal of wax is to displace water, while remaining sticky, and petroleum-based products are
extremely effective at accomplishing those goals.

Traditionally, surf wax has been produced using paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax, petroleum
jelly, Vistanex (petroleum-based adhesive), and scents/dyes. Every time you paddle out, a small amount
of wax is released into the marine ecosystem and absorbed by the local species. Although the amount of
wax that falls off of your board may be small, the accumulation of the thousands of surfers does equate
to a significant amount, not to mention the effects of bioaccumulation.

It was only a matter of time before better alternatives became available. Envirosurfer offers
some outstanding surf waxes that are not only petroleum-free, but made of 100% natural, organic,
non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients. The surfing industry is highly dependent on oil to produce
most mainstream products, and by using a natural surf wax, you are taking a step towards cutting that
umbilical cord. You are also avoiding the environmental damage which results from the slow release of
wax into the ocean. To top it off, you are supporting the responsible wax companies through consumer

Besides using organic and biodegradable ingredients, here are some specifics on how the
natural wax companies are using responsible sourcing and production methods: Matunas wax is made
from organic products from a small, 25-acre farm in Santa Cruz, CA. Their product is entirely soy-free,
and uses leftover strawberries, raspberries, and jasmine to scent their wax, instead of artificial or oil-
based scents. Matunas, Sticky Bumps (soy), and Famous Green Label are all packaged in recycled paper
and printed with soy ink (Matunas is printed with soy-free, recycled ink). Famous takes it a step further
and donates a portion of every sale to the SIMA Environmental Fund, which works to keep breaks clean
and accessible. All three of these companies are based out of California, which not only means you are
supporting local jobs, but you are minimizing the carbon dioxide used in the transportation of these
Go ahead and give it a try. The ocean has been good to you. It’s time you return the favor.

Corey Chin
Envirosurfer Team


Its happening in Aus too,.. Another manufacturer shuts his doors.! Are the surf shops getting too greedy?

After 42 years making surfboards, original Emerald Surfboards founder Steve Griffiths is forced to quit the industry - why?

 Blackwidow Surfboards owner Steve Griffiths says Chinese imports are forcing local board makers out of the industry. Picture: Robyne Cuerel.Source: The Sunday Mail (Qld) - Feb 2011.
Sunshine Coast, Qld: Ex-Cronulla surfer, master surfboard craftsman and the original founder of Emerald Surfboards, Steve Griffiths has been forced out the industry he loves.

Cronulla surf icon, Steve Griffiths started shaping surfboards at Gordon & Smith in Taren Point in 1972 and went on to found Emerald Surfboards in Taren Point in 1978. He sold the Emerald business in 1982 and moved to Queensland's Sunshine Coast to manufacture Black Widow custom surfboards.

Here's the story courtesy of the Queensland Sunday Mail: Australia's iconic surfboard makers are giving up after a futile battle against cheap mass-produced Asian imports.

After 42-years in the industry, craftsmen like Steve Griffiths, from the Sunshine Coast, are closing their factory doors. An influx from China and Thailand in the last five years made it hard to etch a living, but the last year has been killer.

Mr Griffiths has posted a "For Lease" sign outside his Warana factory, Black Widow Surfboards, and may try medicine cabinet making. Industry insiders have warned this scenario is being repeated across the country also because of an economic slowdown.

Mr Griffiths said Australia was losing more than just locally made surfboards. "The thing with China and Thailand is there will be no innovation, only copying," said Mr Griffiths.

"All the innovation from guys who shaped boards in their backyards, and made boards better and tried new styles, all that will be gone." Surf shops are making huge profits on imported boards because of the massive mark up.

Mr Griffiths said a Chinese longboard was imported for about $300 and sold for about $1100 - an $800 profit. But the Australia version cost about $1000 to make and retailed between $1200 and $1400 - only a maximum $400 profit.

"The only reason people go to Asia is to make more money. You don't go there for a better product," said Gold Coast materials supplier Darren Burford. "(But) the end user doesn't see the better price. It's the guy selling it that gets more money."

ex from. http://www.stevecoresurf.com



Here is a board we supplied for the Google offices in Dublin, Gasworks House. Installed by The Walls group.
Surfing is so in fashion now here in Ireland, its everywhere you look. I like this idea though as its just that bit different.., think it looks great & a good ad for us too!


The Munster Skyver.

After a good few requests, & being inspired by Danes surfing myself, heres our newest model.
"The Munster Skyver", based on a mix of a couple of Dane Reynolds latest boards.
Ive put our own twist on this one & designed this board to suit Irish waves using our own proven rocker curves and bottom shape. This board is already a big hit with a couple of our team riders & after much testing, we can now offer this new model to you.
The Munster Skyver is a high performance shortboard that really compliments todays newschool style of surfing, it features a more relaxed nose rocker with a moderate single concave through the bottom, a wider overall outline & a thruster set-up as standard. Order 3 to 5 inches shorter than your regular shortboard. Get yours on order today....
Prices from €420.00 including FCS fins.

More details to follow....